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Worksite Health Promotion Service

Increasing Profit & Improving Employee Health

Why Worksite Health Promotion: Because Houston Loves develops and implements worksite health promotion programs for small and mid sized businesses.

Employers can decide on the program that is appropriate for their business.  Pre and Post Assessments are provided before programs are implemented.

Low cost implementation and high returns on investment. Establish a vision and mission that supports healthy lifestyle and healthy employees.

A down turn in the economy can provide an opportunity for employers to seek new ways to reduce healthcare cost.

Provide an opportunity for employees and families to access services; after being laid off due to a down turn in the economy.

Provide your employees with the greatest employee benefit of all: A Worksite that Promotes Health

Employer Benefits

Employee Benefits

Request Program Information: Short term and long term programs available. Onsite and Off site programs available. Short-term and Long term goals and objectives are developed to meet the needs of the employer and employees.


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