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Because Houston Loves You provides marketable skill training to qualified applicants in Healthcare, Business Management, Allied H

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Life Changes begin with New Careers and New Job Opportunities : for individuals prepared and willing to work. Call the office(832-301-4808 for details or to set up an interview.

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Get Your GED/Hiset/or TASC or complete your Adult High School Diploma while you acquire college credit, workforce skill training, or a Marketable Skills Award that can be completed in three(3) months, depending on the trade.     IBEST provides:

 Job Training & Development

Job Preparation and Remediation Skills

Job Mentors, Referrals, Job Coaching, & Job Shadowing

Texas Worksource Solutions provides scholarships & financial aid for adult literacy; job preparation, workforce skills, and job training. 

Because Houston Loves You provides service learning, internships, and practicum opportunities for college students; graduate students; and college graduates.

 Join students from University of Houston, Texas Southern University;  Houston Community College, and St. Thomas University who mentor, tutor, and academically engage students to improve their academic achievement and quality of life through service learning.

A thousand youth in Texas have been helped; we have expanded our services to Louisiana.  Thank you to the Colleges and Universities that have made transitioning to  Texas & Louisiana youth From the Streets to a College Seat a little easier.

 Career Counseling & Academic Referrals Provided after 2:00PM daily.

 Call 832-301-4808 for more information.


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Preparing for Employment

Texas Workforce Commission




State of Texas Resources for Military and Civil Service Jobs


Your first job can be a real challenge. This website provides great resources for you to use when that very important time arises.

Some Questions you Might have are

  • What am I really good at?

  •  What job is the perfect match for my skills?.

  • Try this interest inventory , its a great start

  • Click on her: Explore with the Career Cube

  • After you complete the interest inventory: you've got the answers to help you make a decision.

  • What do you do at this job?

  • How much does it pay?

  • What can I expect at this job?


  •     Explore Career Choices

Take a Career Voyage and learn about the career of your dreams.

  • Let's complete the job preparation and development so that you are prepared to begin your career.

  • Professionals & Degrees

  • Come an talk to a counselor about working overseas

  • Come and talk to a counselor about working offshore

  • Come and talk to a counselor about research fellows

  • Come and talk to counselor about International teaching assignments

  • Come if you are degreed to work in your field.. or a closely related field.  

From Welfare to Healthcare

  • Job Training

  • Job Preparation

  • Job Development

  • Job Transitioning

  • Childcare Assistance

  • Health Literacy

  • Financial Literacy

  • Basic Life Skills

  • Domestic Violence Abuse

  • Fathers say...Stay Connected

  • Training in 100 Jobs that you can prepare for in 3 to 6 months.

  • Job Ready: Work Now!

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