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Adult Literacy Center & Health & Human Service Academy Graduate

Business 101 Consultants & Trainers: Partners in Client Success 

Graduating or Seeking Workforce Skills!

Career Preparation

Guidance & Career Counseling

Job Coach & Life Coach   

Do you have a Degree & Can not find a Job?

Are you in a Job & Miserable!

Are you taking classes leading to " No Where"

Do you need to talk to Career & Guidance Counselor with 20 years of Experience!

Sign Up for a Workshop or Seminar! Sign up for a Counseling Session!

Guidance Counseling with Career Training can  change your life, career, or earning potential in 24 Hours! .

Client for this Service: College students, college graduates, high school graduates, trade school graduate, underemployed, and seeking employment. Trade school graduates with certificates that do not fulfill job requirements. Did not pass the career test, exit test, or training test required to acquire your license, promotion, or transfer. Do you need to update your skills; understanding of the job market, or career plans. This is the counseling session for you.

Veterans Welcome

Veterans, wives of veterans; and widows of veterans are welcome.

 Divorced! Need a Career! Career Change! Outdate skills!


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