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BECAUSE Houston Loves You

Adult Literacy & Family Education Centers

Building Strong & Self-Sufficient Families

Soli Deo Gloria, "To God Alone be the Glory!  


  Health & Human Service Academy

Main Office:  2500 East T.C.  Jester Ste 362 Houston, TX 77008

Enrollment& Registration: 832-301-4808

  713-283-4736 Fax (214)810-9831

        Email: adultliteracycntr@att.net

Registration Begins the 1st Monday in each Month


A Flexible Adult Education and Career Training Program

Designed to serve adults with families; single parents, heads of household and court approved adolescents.


                       Childcare, Tutoring, After school  and Health Information  

                                                        Welcome !   

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                  Fall Schedule 9:00AM-8:00pm Monday-Thursday 

 Call to Sign up Now 832-301-4808

Join Corporate America with the Workforces skills and Education to Compete!


Are you an adult who would like to acquire entry level workforce skills & complete your high school diploma, GED, HiSet, or TASC? Are you a young adult not enrolled in public school and want to go to college or trade school? Perhaps you want to join the U.S. Military. This is a good day to start a new life! "Try this Year Round Adult Education  Program" where your children can learn with you!

PROGRAM PLANS : We also offer the GED, HiSeT, TASC, Citizenship & ESL Preparation

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ADULTS ONLY: Work at your own pace!

Join our Work Ready Program... you want to apply for a job today.

This is an Adult Literacy program with Workforce Skills

This program is free to those who qualify! Some programs have sliding scale fees as low as $100. per week. Do you qualify for financial aid; scholarship, or a grant. Come by and find out if you qualify for free programs or services. Childcare & after school programs are provided to those who qualify. Payment plans available to those who do not qualify for free courses based on income guidelines. 


Because Houston Loves You

               2500 E.T.C. Jester Suite 362

                  Houston, TX 77008